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Saskatchewan Home-Based Educators - Board Members

Saskatchewan Home Based Educators (SHBE) is the official voice of home-based educators in Saskatchewan. We assist in creating a positive social network and a positive political environment for all those who choose home-based education. We also provide supportive, social and instructional resources for our members.

Charles Audette

Zone 1

Charles Audette, zone 1 director, finish carpenter to pay the bills and preaching elder to feed the soul.

I am the husband of Janice; together we have birthed six, (5 of whom have graduated) adopted three and currently foster seven. Janice is homeschooling six children. We have been graced with a huge home in the beautiful Qu'Appelle valley where skiing is a real option winter and summer.

Anne Bennett

Zone 2, President

Anne Bennett has been on the SHBE Board since 2011, first as the help desk coordinator, and now as President. She lives in Shaunavon with her husband, Terry Shields, and their sons, Peter (18), David (15) and Mark (12).

Greg Mile

Zone 3

My name is Greg Mile and it is my privilege to serve the SHBE board as the director for zone 3 Regina. Along with my wife Charity we have six daughters who range in age from 19-3 years old, all have been and are homeschooled. I work as an insulator at the refinery in Regina.

Melody Friesen

Zone 4

My name is Melody Friesen, and I'm the SHBE zone 4 rep. Kelvin and I, as well as my late husband, Myron, have homeschooled our 3 boys from day one. Our oldest 2, Cheran and Marcus are 14 and 12.5, and our newest addition, Simeon, is 5 months. We are country folk, living on a serene acreage in the Pike Lake area. Serving the Lord, lifelong learning and music are all passions of mine. It has been an honour, and a time for personal growth as I endeavour to serve the most diverse zone with the largest homeschool population in the province!

Candice Petersen

Zone 5

Hi, I am Candice Petersen, representative for zone 5.  My husband is Richard and we have three children, ages 13, 11, and 9.  I am involved with coaching soccer and working at our local hockey team’s ticket booth.  I worked as a public school teacher before having children.

Gillian Smith

Zone 6, Secretary

Our Zone 6 Director, Gillian Smith is now mixing up a blend of family, farming, business and homeschool to wonderful results, having chosen that good portion over culinary school. She and her husband Ty homeschool their 5 children, while also farming and running an oil & gas business in the Battlefords area.

Rod Amberson

Director at Large, Vice President

Rod & Jo Amberson have 10 children, from 19 years old to 5 months, with 1 graduated from home education and 2 in the graduation ceremony this year. Rod & Jo are active in their homeschool communities, both in Regina and Moose Jaw. Rod has served on the board of SHBE since 2015 and is currently Vice President.

Jonas Hildebrandt

Director at Large

Husband, father of 1 daughter and 3 sons. Owner of an outdoor retail store and factory. I enjoy learning from those around me and being a part of what I love. It has been a blessing to serve on the SHBE board as a member at large.

Jonathan Olson

Director at Large

My name is Jonathan Olson, and I'm a director-at-large for SHBE. I am the newest board member having served less than a year. I work as an industrial mechanic at Bourgault Industries. My wife, Katie, and I homeschool our three children in Kinistino. Their ages are 10, 7, and 6, with one due in April.

Special thanks to our many volunteers, including but not limited to:

  • Laura Holowachuk (SHBE Treasurer)
  • Gerald Fortier (Nominations & Technology Consultant)
  • Charity Mile (SHBE Journal Editor)

Benefits of SHBE Membership:

Information: We prepare brochures, information packets, and booklets for our members and as promotional materials for libraries.
Newsletter: We prepare a monthly newsletter with a wide range of topics on homeschooling. We try to have Saskatchewan content.
Convention: We plan an annual convention with workshops, speakers, and both new and used curriculum from suppliers coming from across Canada and the United States.
Networking: We put you in touch with others who teach their children at home.
Advocacy: We provide assistance in working with local school boards and at the provincial level. We maintain a seat on the Provincial Review Board committee by assignment from the Minister of Education.
Local Support Groups: We encourage the formation of local groups and provide help in getting started.
Regional Information: The province is divided into six zones to facilitate communication.
Meetings and Seminars: throughout the year, we offer a variety of informational meetings. Once a year we do a “Can I Do This?” seminar.
Website: We offer a maintained website, as well as a maintained help desk to answer questions.
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SHBE is a collection of hundreds of homeschool families in the province, governed by a volunteer board of elected homeschool members.
SHBE is the official voice of home-based educators in Saskatchewan.
SHBE assists in creating a positive social network and a positive political environment for those who choose home-based education.
SHBE provides supportive, social, and instructional resources to our membership.
As a grassroots organization, our strength is in the involvement of our membership. Your membership makes it easier for others to home educate by identifying with SHBE as it negotiates with school boards and the Department of Learning. Numbers DO count!

SHBE Convention Committee Members for 2017 + 2018

The SHBE convention committee is composed of voluteers appointed by the SHBE Board of Directors. The committee operates under the direction of the SHBE Board, but with authority to make many decisions related to the convention.

CONTACT US with your ideas and to help with SHBE CON 2018.

Greg & Charity Mile


Charity has been the convention committee chairperson for a number of years now. She and Greg had a hand in most everything to do with the convention:

  • Chair planning committee meetings.
  • SHBE Board coordination
  • Facilities reservation
  • Assist with Workshop scheduling
  • Teen track planning
  • Convention program editor

Michael & Ara Keffer


Michael & Ara worked to receive, collect and report on the convention registrations. They tracked meal needs, special requests, payments, refunds as well as handling the logistics of things like nametags, information packs, etc. The registrar works closely with the SHBE membership coordinator to ensure all registrants received their SHBE membership cards. Finally, Ara answered many questions and made sure that all the registrations were correct and included all the required information.

Rod & Jo Amberson

Vendor Hall Coordinators

Rod & Jo handle all things related to the vendor hall, beginning in September with sending invitations and information to their list of potential vendors. Once the vendor applications are ready, they set the layout of the vendor hall, contact all the vendors again to sell booths and advertising, contract for booth rental and set up, organize the promotions (convention bags & program), and ensure the vendors are served and satisfied.

Rod also put together

Chris & Twyla McDougall

Workshop Coordinator

Chris & Twyla worked to select and receive speaker bios and workshop descriptions. As part of the total team, they helped with scheduling and convention program content, as well as just being generally all-around awesome. They were new to the team this year and were very much appreciate; it was a pleasure to get to know them better.

Wayne & Karen Henrion

Used Books Coordinator + Graduation Ceremony

Karen took charge of the SHBE Used Book Sale. This is run as a service to SHBE members on a cost-recovery basis. SHBE members can buy and sell lightly used books and curriculum.

Karen fielded requests for used book seller numbers, solicited volunteers and communicated used book sale policies. During the convention, Karen will be busy assisting the buyers, sellers and volunteers.

Karen & Wayne also put together the Graduation Completion Ceremony. This included communication with parents and graduates, gathering bios, planning the ceremony itself and recruiting volunteers.


Beyond the convention planning, there is a large list of volunteers who make the convention possible. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Used Book Sale Volunteers (Help run the Used Book Sale)
  • Registration Volunteers (Help on the day of the convention)
  • Vendor Hall Volunteers (Help the vendors set up and "police" the Vendor Hall)
  • Nipawin Bible College & Millar College of the Bible (Teen Track MC and Co-ordinators)
  • Olivia Mile & her team of volunteers (Children's Track MC and Co-ordinators)
  • OUR Vendors (who come from near and far, answer all our questions, and make a huge effort to carry the products we love)
  • The Workshop presenters (although they make it look easy, they really put in far more effort than we'll ever know in preparing their presentations)
  • Laura Holowachuk (Treasurer)
  • Gerald Fortier (Technology Consultant)
  • The SHBE Board (for being there when requested to recommend, consult and guide on issues large and small)

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