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Saskatchewan Home-Based Educators

Saskatchewan Home Based Educators (SHBE) is the official voice of home-based educators in Saskatchewan. We assist in creating a positive social network and a positive political environment for all those who choose home-based education. We also provide supportive, social and instructional resources for our members.

Benefits of SHBE Membership:

Information: We prepare brochures, information packets, and booklets for our members and as promotional materials for libraries.
Newsletter: We prepare a monthly newsletter with a wide range of topics on homeschooling. We try to have Saskatchewan content.
Convention: We plan an annual convention with workshops, speakers, and both new and used curriculum from suppliers coming from across Canada and the United States.
Networking: We put you in touch with others who teach their children at home.
Advocacy: We provide assistance in working with local school boards and at the provincial level. We maintain a seat on the Provincial Review Board committee by assignment from the Minister of Education.
Local Support Groups: We encourage the formation of local groups and provide help in getting started.
Regional Information: The province is divided into six zones to facilitate communication.
Meetings and Seminars: throughout the year, we offer a variety of informational meetings. Once a year we do a “Can I Do This?” seminar.
Website: We offer a maintained website, as well as a maintained help desk to answer questions.
Facebook Page: Like us on Facebook—


SHBE is a collection of hundreds of homeschool families in the province, governed by a volunteer board of elected homeschool members.
SHBE is the official voice of home-based educators in Saskatchewan.
SHBE assists in creating a positive social network and a positive political environment for those who choose home-based education.
SHBE provides supportive, social, and instructional resources to our membership.
As a grassroots organization, our strength is in the involvement of our membership. Your membership makes it easier for others to home educate by identifying with SHBE as it negotiates with school boards and the Department of Learning. Numbers DO count!

Saskatchewan Home-Based Educators - Board Members

Charles Audette

Zone 1

Charles Audette is the Zone 1 Director after coming on the SHBE Board in 2015. He and his wife Janice live in the village of Lebret with eleven children still at home, nine of whom sit around the homeschool table. They started home education from day one with their first born 22 years ago and have graduated their oldest five children. The privilege to home educate adopted and foster children means navigating the road of nurturing some who are incredibly brilliant and some who have been damaged by FASD. The result of that journey has led Charles to take on the leadership of the SHBE Special Needs Conferences. Charles pays the bills as a carpenter, prepares the souls as a preacher/elder and plans to pass the torch as a proud Grandfather (Papa): presently he stands with three grandchildren and another babe in the pouch.

Lori Dunbar

Zone 2 Director

Lori Dunbar and her husband, Jay, are from Caronport, where Lori has been home educating their two youngest daughters for 10 years.  Jay and Lori have four kids ranging from 23-12 years old. They became disillusioned with the school system when their older two children were going through public and then private Christian school.  Lori is happy to be representing Zone 2 on the SHBE board.  She is passionate about parental rights and loves spending so much time with her girls.

Greg Mile

Zone 3

Hi. My name is Greg Mile and I have sat on the SHBE board for 5 years, 1 year as a member at large and 4 years representing Zone 3 Regina. I am married to Charity Mile and have 6 daughters and 1 son in law. We have always homeschooled, have one graduated student and one graduating this year, we also have one student finishing up her kindergarten year.


Zone 4

SHBE is accepting nominations for this position, as Melody Friesen has decide to focus on other areas where she can support and encourage home based educators.

Jared Summach

Zone 5, Treasurer

My name is Jared Summach.  I started on the SHBE board in 2017.  My wife and I have four children, all of which are homeschooled.  I work for the Saskatchewan Health Region (formerly Kelsey Trail Health Region) as a Special Care / Continuing Care Aide.

Gillian Smith

Zone 6, Secretary

Hi, I'm Gillian Smith and I represent zone 6 on the SHBE board.

Our family moved to Saskatchewan from the Peace Country of Alberta in 2013 to a small farm just west of the Battlefords.  We have been pursuing regenerative agriculture on our land for the past two years.  Pastured meats (chicken and Berkshire pork), pastured hens, a milk cow, small market garden (this year) and rustic breads for the farmers markets is what keeps us busy as well as butchering our own meat.  We've added a small orchard this past fall ...and we hope to have some members of the family take a bee keeping course this spring.

As to our family...we have 5 children ranging in age from 16 to 3.  We've home educated from the beginning for many reasons not the least of which is that we as parents would be the ones shaping and informing our children's world view.  While curriculum is important...the most important aspect, for us, is providing the children with the ability to think critically, to be well informed with a broad knowledge base, and to do all things to the glory of God.

I have found that being involved with SHBE on the board level has been very rewarding and stretching!  As parents we need to be aware of our rights regarding home education and protect those rights as best we can.

Rod Amberson

Director at Large, President

Rod has been married to Jo since 1996 and they have 10 children together ranging in age from 22 to 3 years. Rod works in the technology industry, from home, and enjoys studying theology and philosophy, playing games with family and friends, and helping out their local support group (ARCHE).

Rod and Jo are enthusiastic learners and enjoy a whole-family approach to homeschool and life in general. Their children share a love of learning and enjoy lively conversations about a wide range of topics around the dinner table. The four children that have completed their homeschool are active with a variety of projects, whether it be career, university (Athabasca U), Sask Polytech, some combination of each. Rod, Jo and family own an online homeschool store (LMP Teaching Connections - or just remember "").

Rod joined the SHBE board in 2015, and has served as President since 2017. Rod is passionate about educating the world about parent-directed home-based education, clarifying and simplifying the administrative burden associated with government reporting, and advocating for parents and families for their right to personally direct their children's education.

Krista Poppleton

Director at Large

Evan & Krista have been married for 16 years and are homeschooling their 3 children.

Jonathan Olson

Director at Large, Vice President

Director-at-Large Jonathan Olson has been on the SHBE board for three years. Although he is neither bored nor large, he sure is passionate about home schooling and parental rights! He lives in Kinistino, SK, with his wife Katie and four wonderful kids; Josiah, age 12; Melody, age 9; Harmony, age 8; and Zion, age 1. He and his wife have both enjoyed home schooling from both sides: as the students and now as the teachers. He loves the Lord, his family, the outdoors, reading, and apple pie. He has gone to school to obtain his machinist and millwright tickets. If Jonathan’s not fixing or building something, he's probably out hunting.

Anne Bennett

Past President

Anne Bennett has been on the SHBE Board since 2011, first as the help desk coordinator, and now as Past President. She lives in Shaunavon with her husband, Terry Shields, and their sons, Peter, David and Mark.

Special thanks to our many volunteers, including but not limited to:

  • Evan Poppleton (SHBE Book-keepers and Accountants)
  • Gerald Fortier (Nominations & Technology Consultant)
  • Charity Mile (SHBE Journal Editor)
  • Convention Committee members past and present
  • SHBE Executive Advisory Committee
    (past board members who have been requested and have agreed to join us for meetings to offer continuity and wisdom)

SHBE Convention Committee Members for 2020

The SHBE convention committee is composed of voluteers appointed by the SHBE Board of Directors. The committee operates under the direction of the SHBE Board, but with authority to make many decisions related to the convention.

Kevin & Shari Wyatt


This was Shari's first year as convention committee chairperson. She had a hand in most everything to do with the convention:

  • Chair planning committee meetings.
  • SHBE Board coordination
  • Facilities reservation
  • Assist with Workshop scheduling
  • Teen track planning
  • Children's program planning
  • Convention program editor

Hi, I'm Shari Wyatt. My husband Kevin and I live in Saskatoon. We have 7 children between the ages of 15 - almost 3. We have homeschooled from the beginning of our oldest child's school age journey. I started out very reluctantly but have grown to absolutely love what homeschooling has done for our family. It has been my pleasure and a privilege to Chair the Convention Committee this year. Thanks so much for attending and we hope you come away from the convention inspired and refreshed!

Greg & Jessica Benson

Workshop Coordinator

Greg & Jessica worked to select speakers, schedule the workshops, receive speaker bios and workshop descriptions. As part of the total team, they helped with scheduling and convention program content.

My name is Jessica Benson. Our family lives in Saskatoon in the winter and Ranger Lake in the summer. We have four kids ages 17 to 6 and have been homeschooling for eleven years. Melanie Shevkenek and I coordinated the workshops for the homeschool convention this year. We agreed to take on this role because we had a lot of ideas for workshops and speakers we wanted to bring to the convention. We wanted the workshops to be helpful and encouraging to people at all stages of their homeschool journey.

Lindsay Cey

Vendor Hall Coordinator

Lindsay handled communications related to the vendor hall, beginning in September with sending invitations and information to their list of potential vendors. Once the vendor applications are ready, they set the layout of the vendor hall, contact all the vendors again to sell booths and advertising, contract for booth rental and set up, organize the promotions (convention bags & program), and ensure the vendors are served and satisfied.

Francie Muchinsky

Used Books Coordinator

The SHBE Used Book Sale by Francie Muchinski. This is run as a service to SHBE members on a cost-recovery basis. SHBE members can buy and sell lightly used books and curriculum.

Francie fielded requests for used book seller numbers, solicited volunteers and communicated used book sale policies. During the convention, Francie will be busy assisting the buyers, sellers and volunteers.

Beyond the convention planning, there is a large list of volunteers who make the convention possible. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Masters of Ceremony
  • Charity Mile (Consulting)
  • Evan Poppleton (Treasurer)
  • Gerald Fortier (Technology Consultant)
  • Used Book Sale Volunteers (Help run the Used Book Sale)
  • Registration Volunteers (Help on the day of the convention)
  • Vendor Hall Volunteers (Help the vendors set up and enforce schedule)
  • OUR Vendors (who come from near and far, answer all our questions, and make a huge effort to carry the products we love)
  • The Workshop presenters (although they make it look easy, they really put in far more effort than we'll ever know in preparing their presentations)
  • The SHBE Board (for being there when requested to recommend, consult and guide on issues large and small)
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