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Dr. Brian Ray: So Now He’s a Teenager, Why Continue to Homeschool?


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Many parents finally fall prey to their own insecurities and critic’s darts when their children reach age 14 (or sooner). They consider abandoning home-based and parent-guided education. The cacophonous voices of professionals, generations of institutional schooling, “public” school giveaways and enticements, personal misperceptions of reality, and the world’s opinion about what is important muddy the waters. Getting closer to the source – the headwaters – brings refreshment and clarity to vision and action. Dr. Ray focuses on key educational goals and philosophy (biblical), research findings, the importance of separating the state from education, and personal experience to inform, encourage, and rally parents’ spirits and harden their resolve to continue homeschooling for the long term in order to reap the harvest of its excellent fruits. Dr. Ray will focus on why one should (continue to) home educate teenages.

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