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Homeschooling Works and Increases Freedom

Yes, even parents with no state teaching license, only a high school education, and low incomes help their children excel with
home based education, and this increases freedom in society. Dr. Ray, one of the world’s leading homeschool researchers,
gives you two potent points. First, he makes this engaging and fact filled presentation as he reviews research on
homeschooling, and documents the findings of his own multiple studies. Resoundingly, research shows positive outcomes in
home education in terms of academic achievement, socialization, and success in adulthood. Second, could it be that
parent-led home-based education is the only deep and lasting way to free individuals, communities, and nations from control
(even tyranny) by the powerful in a society? Dr. Ray explores this question while addressing the positive outcomes found in
research, what God has to say about who should be educating (and indoctrinating) children, whether state and privates
schools serve as codependents to parents, and whether the proponents of statism (and public schooling) are cooperating
with or co-opting homeschoolers’ standards and plans for their children and their country? You will see how homeschooling
increases liberty for individuals, families, and nations.

So Now He’s a Teenager, Why Continue to Homeschool?

Many parents finally fall prey to their own insecurities and critics’ darts when their children reach age 14 (or sooner). They
consider abandoning home-based and parent-guided education. The cacophonous voices of professionals, generations of
institutional schooling, “public” school giveaways and enticements, personal misperceptions of reality, and the world’s opinion
about what is important muddy the waters. Getting closer to the source — the headwaters — brings refreshment and clarity
to vision and action. Dr. Ray focuses on key educational goals and philosophy (biblical), research findings, the importance of
separating the state from education, and personal experience to inform, encourage, and rally parents’ spirits and harden their
resolve to continue homeschooling for the long term in order to reap the harvest of its excellent fruits. Dr. Ray will focus on
why one should (continue to) home educate teenagers.

Research Into a New Decade

Dr Ray provides a brief summary of homeschool research of the past that shows the success of the homeschooled, explains
current projects and trends, and predicts where research is going and where it should go. Research to date clearly shows
positive outcomes from homeschooling and future research will likely show more of the same; it should also be guided by
clear goals and theory that is based on sound values.


Giving Your Homeschooled Children and Arts Education – Mary Lissel

Mary Lissel will share how she facilitated a rich visual arts, performing arts, dance and music education program for her
children within Saskatoon and in other locations in western Canada during the year. You will be provided with information on
resources locally, provincially and nationally for homeschool families who enjoy travelling as part of their educational
experience. She will be available for questions and will have resources available to take home. Her three daughters have
been highly educated in music theory, piano, and string instruments winning many awards and scholarships.

Getting Started In Saskatchewan – Rod Amberson

Homeschool dad and SHBE President Rod Amberson will walk through the framework of homeschooling in Saskatchewan,
starting with the “Why to”, through the “what to” and the “how to”, and including a good bit from the policy manual related to
getting along with the government and filing paperwork. If you’re new to homeschooling, come by to get the facts. If you’ve
been homeschooling for a long time, come by to set the facts straight! 🙂

Homeschool Families Make Great Foster Parents – Carla Burlando

In this session I will discuss some of the most commonly asked questions and nagging myths about foster parenting as well
as give a brief glimpse into our own experience as a fostering and homeschooling family. Bring your curiosity and your

Family Fitness – Melanie Shevkenek

In this session you will learn about how a large homeschooling family integrates fitness into their schedule. You will get
practical tips on how to make physical activity time efficient, cost effective, and fun for the whole family!

Direction for Your Homeschool Journey – Monique Willms

Whether you are just starting out or are still trying to find your footing in this homeschool life, this workshop is designed for
you. Figuring out how to find your own style, how to create a rhythm and learning culture in your home can seem like an
overwhelming task. There are so many things most of us wish someone had told us before we started and we’re going to
cover as many as we can in this workshop. Join Monique to look at a brief overview of popular home education methods, get
direction on how to fully embrace the elements of home, guidance on how to define your priorities and your “big yeses” and
tips for creating a culture of curiosity and a lifestyle of learning. Monique also spent her entire work outside the home career
as a public school teacher and will bring a realistic perspective to the differences between these education methods and
speak to fears such as socialization, content coverage and more.

Homeschooling In Canada – HSLDA Bonnie Getty

Homeschool Legal Defence Association of Canada (HSLDA) is dedicated to supporting your family during your homeschool
adventure. Whether you’re a homeschool veteran or just starting out, HSLDA has you covered. Our members have peace of
mind knowing that we are always advocating on their behalf. HSLDA is the only Canadian organization with the expertise to
provide legal representation in disputes with school boards and provincial agencies. From legal services, insurance coverage
to homeschooling advice and resources, our experienced team has what your family needs. Don’t wait until something
happens, become a member with the most trusted homeschool organization in Canada. HSLDA: the partner in your
homeschool success.

Travelling & Homeschooling – Jessica Benson & Carolyn Anderson

“We’ll travel when the kids are older.” “Traveling with a bunch of kids pretty much sounds like a nightmare.” “I would love to
travel, but we have a large family and we’re on a budget.” If you have ever said one of these things, this session is for you!
We will cover: 1. Why traveling with kids is important. 2. Incorporating an educational emphasis while traveling. 3. Traveling
on a budget. 4. Miscellaneous tips. This workshop will be fast moving and full of pictures, so if you have a short attention
span, this will be up your alley! Special guest, Carolyn Anderson, an expert on camping and all things Disney, will join us for
the Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Raising Davids on Goliath’s Battlefield – Vanessa Brobbel

This session will look at the world issues of our time, and how they can affect the way we teach our children. History,
geography, social studies, and political sciences all point to the same thing: If we hold fear in our hearts, this is what we teach
others to live in .

Parenting Styles – Maximize Your Strength – Jenn Dean

The most important technique to create change in your home is to reach the heart of your child- but that’s really hard to do
when parents are struggling themselves! In this workshop, you’ll discover which parenting styles are operating in your home,
and the pro’s and con’s of each. Every parent has strengths to add value to the family, and you’ll learn how to maximize your
own as well as encourage your spouse in theirs.

Children & Grief – Katrina Funk & Darlene Klassen

Darlene & Katrina will explore the topic of children and grief. We will talk about how to teach kids about death. We will explore
the stages of grief and bereavement in children. We will talk about funerals and rituals around loss, and how they impact a
child. We invite you into the conversations.

Ready, Set, LAUNCH! – Gary & Lori Morris

If you are starting to think about navigating the maze of post secondary options…. this workshop is for you! How do you
prepare for post secondary? What’s important, what’s not? How do you find out? What are they looking for in applicants?
What if we don’t meet requirements? This can be a very challenging endeavour. The “rules” are continually changing and
the path to admission can be an adventure. Our children have been successful in getting the opportunities to pursue their
passion. Yours can too! Come with questions for a Q&A at the end of the session.

One Thing: Teaching Thematically – Monique Willms

Homeschooling gives us the unique opportunity to dive into a topic and study it from all angles. So much authentic learning
comes when you can relate your ELA, Science, Social Studies, Art, Health, etc to the same over reaching theme or topic.
We’ll go over ideas on how to creatively facilitate this multidisciplinary approach and how to create rhythms in your
homeschool that make space for this method.

Tech Talk – Linda Kasdorff

This session for parents will be fast paced as we cram some very important information about technology use into the hour!
We will talk about practical ways to get into your child or teen’s technology world. Issues such as: privacy; app use; time
limits; and brain development will be addressed. Bring your questions!

The Brief History of Mankind: Evidence for the Tower of Babel Dispersion – Vance Nelson

Based on the Biblical description of events in Genesis 11, all the different people groups of the earth were in one location just
a few thousand years ago. If this is true, is there any evidence for this? Is there cultural evidence found among these
supposed isolated people groups themselves? What about archaeological evidence? This lecture will take you on a visual
exploration around the globe. These and other questions will be answered with photographic evidence. Do we all go back to
Babel just a few thousand years ago? Prepare to be amazed!

Making Math Lessons Efficient and Enjoyable: Homeschooling and Beyond – Anna Skeveyakova

Mathematics is a fundamental element of contemporary education. It offers a set of tools required for many careers, and
opens up a new thinking “dimension,” providing abilities and skills for success. Every child can succeed in mathematics,
come to love it, and use it with confidence and fluency. Important components of success are an early start and an
interesting, solid and sound learning program. Why is math sometimes boring or uninteresting to the students? How does
one make it fascinating and engaging? We will talk about different strategies and techniques of teaching mathematics,
elements of a successful individual program, and boosting creativity and IQ. We will discuss which topics in
Elementary-school math are particularly important, and how they can be presented. We will look at various learning games
that help build skills and memorize necessary facts in the main math topics in a fun and interactive way. I will touch on the
strategies and approaches to creating a mathematics curriculum and learning activities for children of different personality
types, including gifted children, and hyper/hypoactive children. In particular, we will discuss techniques that can help build up
the child’s attention span. Questions after the talk are most welcome; I am also available for personal meetings or questions
during the workshop.

Apprenticeship and Skilled Trades – Paul Blankenstijn

Come and here about the things you can do while you are in highschool that will prepare you for a rewarding career in the
skilled trades.

The Brain: The Key to Learning Success – Sylvia Funk

The Brain: The Key to Learning Success What is the number one cause of learning disabilities, reading disabilities, ADD,
ADHD, gross and fine motor deficits, etc? The brain or neurological disorganization. The central nervous system and more
specifically the brain, is one of the main root causes of all of these and other deficits. Our brain develops in a hierarchal order
achieving neurological milestones from birth to about seven years of age. If these milestones are not efficiently organized the
best curriculum and the most supportive teaching environment will not be successful. Learn how the brain organizes and
what you can do to assist in this development.

Classical Education at Home – Dawna Ferguson

The classical model of education capitalizes on God’s brilliant design of human development, enabling us to reach our
children right where they are developmentally. Learn how the classical model compares to the traditional model of education
and how God truly created a “universe, not a multi-verse.” All things are connected with One brilliant designer. In this
session I will: 1. Introduce myself and Classical Conversations. 2. Encourage and inspire parents who desire to reclaim their
own education. 3. Explain Classical Education and the Trivium. 4. Briefly describe the CC model. 5. Establish where
communities are meeting currently and what the future looks like. Truly the desire is to encourage and inspire parents in their
God-given responsibility. What a blessing that is and it is not to be taken lightly. Our desire is to have the hearts of the
parents lifted up!

Unraveling Autism – Sylvia Funk

To hear that your child has autism or is on the autistic spectrum and then to see your child slip further into this illness as the
gap between expectations and his ability to perform widens can be one of the most frightening experiences of your life. To
not understand the strange sensory interpretations, social withdrawal, physical illnesses, cognitive delays or apparent
behavioural displays is overwhelming and can place parents in an isolated and confusing place. ICAN
Neurodevelopmentalists have worked with children on this spectrum for two decades. Our experience has helped many
children and families overcome the impact of this illness.

Teen Workshops

Derek Shevkenek – Money, Debt, and Investing Basics for Teens & Life

Money and debt are financial tools. Learn about them, proper use, dangers and surprising characteristics. Investment
basics and key concepts will also be talked about. There will be opportunity for Q&A. At least $500,000* will be given
away to some participants at this workshop. (*Currency TBD)

Vanessa Brobbel – How to Remain Committed When God Seems Unfair

It’s incredibly common to hear God openly blamed for the suffering and atrocities playing out on the nightly news. In
fact several years ago, Lee Strobel commissioned a national survey asking people what question they’d ask if they
could only ask God one thing. The number one response was: “Why is there suffering in the world?” In fact, it is this
very question that causes many to conclude that God must not exist, for if he did; suffering, pain, and evil wouldn’t.
Right? The question is: Is it worth it to follow Jesus, or do we click ‘Unsubscribe?’

Monique Willms – Business and Entrepreneurship for Youth

One of the valuable skills we can teach our children during their education is how to start a business. We live in a world
where people have more options than ever to earn income through selling products and services, kids included. In this
workshop we will go through the practical steps of creating a business plan. We will learn about products and services,
the cost of doing business, branding, marketing and follow through. For the sake of time it would be ideal if participants
came with an idea decided on but it is not necessary. Participants will also have the option to purchase and go through
the full BEY online course found in the shop at

Monique Willms – Blogging for Teens

Teens have a unique perspective and a voice that the world needs to hear. Blogging is an excellent avenue for sharing
that voice and gives real world experience of writing for an audience. In this beginner blogging workshop we’ll look at
how to get started, blog must haves and online etiquette and safety.

Linda Kasdorf – Technology – Friend or Enemy?

We’ll get right down to business as we explore the benefits and hazards of technology use. The experts in the room will
be YOU the teen-agers! I will guide our discussion, share some research based evidence about the impact of
technology on our mental and emotional well-being and explore with you how you can be the master of your technology

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