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 Salon ASalon BSalon C
9:30Registration Open - Drop Off Time
10:00-11:30Can I Really Do This?
FREE - Information session to anyone
interested in Home Education
11:00Exhibit Hall Opens
12:30Convention Introductions & Opening Remarks
12:45-1:45Plenary 1 - Rocking Parenthood and Raising Awesome Adults

Colleen Kessler
1:45 - 3:45Break
3:45-4:45Edu-speak: Written Education Plans, Annual Progress Reports

SHBE - Rod Amberson
Homeschooling, Personal Finance & Family

Derek Shevkenek
The Ark of Noah; It’s Design and Discovery

Vance Nelson
4:45-6:00Supper Break - Vendor Hall & Used Books Close 6:00pm
6:00-6:30Graduation Recognition Ceremony
6:30-7:30Homeschooling Your Preschooler

Melissa Normand
You’re a Parent…
No… You’re a Teacher. No, wait… You’re both!

Jenn Dean
Grad Party

By Invitation
8:00Convention Closes


 Salon ASalon BSalon C
8:30Exhibit Hall & Used Books Open
9:00-10:00Plenary 2 - Loving Your Differently Wired Child

Colleen Kessler

Homeschooling Highschool and Beyond: Managing
Your Child’s Portfolio

University -
Why Not?

Dave Sidloski
Guiding with Grace:
How to Shepherd
Your Child Through
Trials and Suffering

Vanessa Brobbel
11:30-12:30Lunch - Served in Salon A
AGM during lunch
Exhibit Hall Closed
12:30-1:30Gap Year Advantage

Time Management for Homeschooling Moms

Jenn Dean
The Hidden Genius

Sylvia Funk
2:00-3:00ADD and

Chantal Banda
The Art of

Annette Bentler
Homeschool Panel
3:00-3:45Coffee Break - Served in the Exhibit Hall
Final Shopping Time
3:45-5:00Plenary 3 - Colleen Kessler
Parenting With Wonder and Exploration
5:00-5:30Closing Remarks & Used Books Pick Up
Convention Closes at 5:30
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