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Keynote Speakers


Tamara Strijack

Tamara Strijack is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who lives and works on Vancouver Island.  She has worked with children and adolescents in various roles over the last twenty years – as mentor, counsellor, youth leader, program director, group facilitator – and is herself a mother of two adolescent girls. She also works as a parent and teacher consultant, helping adults make sense of the children in their care.  Connection, relationship and attachment continue to be central themes in all of her roles, both personally and professionally.

As faculty member of the Neufeld Institute* and as Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s daughter, Tamara offers a unique inside view, bringing together her own experience and insight with her father's theoretical material. Tamara currently teaches child and adolescent development courses for teachers and counsellors, and offers workshops on all matters related to attachment and development for parents, teachers and helping professionals. Her favourite material to share with others is the topic of home learning and how to create the conditions for children to thrive and to flourish, where she draws on her own experiences of homeschooling her children.

*Note that Dr. Gordon Neufeld is founder of the Neufeld Institute. Please visit the Neufeld Institute website for more information: 

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is the founder of LifeLaunch, and is passionate about home education, discipleship and worldview! As a first generation homeschool graduate, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Music and has pursued Seminary Studies in Philosophy and Apologetics. With this background, Daniel has a great burden for furthering the home education and discipleship vision in the next generation.

In his capacity with LifeLaunch, a growing ministry with the mission of launching the next generation through powerful mentoring relationships and real-life integration, Daniel interacts closely with homeschool families and students nationwide. He understands the challenges they must overcome to fully realize their God-given potential as Kingdom-minded servants of Christ.

Daniel shares his expertise and first-hand experiences with parents and students at conventions and seminars across the country. These sessions are known for being both inspiring and insightful. Daniel is also an accomplished tenor and has blessed audiences around the country with majestic and powerful songs of worship to God. He currently resides in Colorado with his beautiful wife, Megan.

Plenary: The Science of Play and the Art of Relationship: Back to the basics of the learning equation

We live in a technological age, rich with conveniences and learning options. One would think that this would give us the leading edge in learning. Yet with so much information at their fingertips, our children are losing their sense of wonder and their curiousity. As adults, we can get distracted by the newest gadgets and the latest curriculum, but could it be that true learning comes from a different place? Development science is bringing us back to our roots, and giving us clues as to what is needed to thrive in a world of overwhelming details, social pressures and fragmented culture. Could it be that the ingredients for true learning have been right in front of us all along? Evidence is on the rise that play, in the context of a nurturing relationship, is a child’s best bet for learning. Tamara will look at the pivotal (and somewhat surprising) roles of relationship and play in the learning equation, including how we, as adults, can help create the conditions for our children to thrive.


Plenary: The Power of Mentorship

This session is a “must hear” for parents and students alike. Everyone recognizes that there are problems with traditional higher education. Yet for all the press, commentary and money spent to fix the problem, far too few people recognize the amazing benefits of one-on-one mentor-driven education. Even as homeschoolers, we often fail to realize that the need for biblical discipleship in education also applies to the college years. Get ready to adopt a new paradigm for “higher education” as Daniel explains how your student can launch into life NOW, with clear vision, through powerful mentoring relationships and real-life application.
The recording below is of this session under the title “Kickstart: How to Launch Your Life in a Stalled World.”


Workshop: Preserving Play in the Digital World 

In our age of technology, we have digital shortcuts available to us at every turn. Yet what are the effects of these digital shortcuts on development and learning? While this digital world may have its conveniences and advantages, it can also preempt the time and space needed for play in our children's lives. Research is now confirming what age-old cultures have intuitively known all along, that play is actually a vital part of healthy development. What kind of play do children (and adults!) need in their lives? How do we make room for true play in a world ready with quick fixes? In this workshop, we explore these questions and discuss what we can do as caring adults to preserve play in a world that is moving too fast.

Plenary: Why I am Glad I was Homeschooled and Why Your Kids Will Be too

Parents considering homeschooling often worry about whether or not their children will turn out “normal”. They wonder if their children will emerge from homeschool truly prepared for success in life, or if they’ll emerge socially inept and uneducated.
In this session, Daniel Craig, a homeschool graduate, will share why he is glad he was homeschooled, and why your children will be too. Based on both his personal experience, and the unchanging truths of God’s word, Daniel will help you understand what homeschool “success” really is, where it comes from, and the real reason it matters.


Teen Workshop: Adolescent Rites of Passage and dealing with Anxiety

Adolescents are faced with an explosion of awareness in emotion and thought. This alone can put them in a very vulnerable place, with temptations to escape at every turn. In this workshop, Tamara will explore the rites of passage that an adolescent needs to go through in order to become truly resilient and capable of truly learning. While a certain level of defense or armour is needed to survive in today’s often wounding world, when the defenses become stuck, learning and maturation is at risk. We will look at how we, as caring adults, can step in to help our adolescents make it through these rites of passage, freeing them up to learn and succeed in today’s world.

Teen Workshop: The Key to a Significant Life

Do you want to live a significant life? There world offers young people a million ways to find significance, but how does God call us to find significance? Based on the Word of God, and the examples of young people in history, Daniel will help young people understand the true key to living significant lives.

Workshop Speakers & Descriptions

The following Speakers and Workshop Description are tentative and subject to change without notice.

Karisa Bailey & Deirdre Sentis

Karisa is in the middle of her ninth year of home education, with her five children (ages 15-6).  She loves the everyday learning environment of “doing life” all together and is so thankful that she has this opportunity.  She is enthusiastic about literature and reading aloud, always with a cup of coffee!

Deirdre and her husband have 5 children who they have been homeschooling for 8 years. Deirdre has her Bachelor’s degree in Education and loves finding great resources, books and curriculum. Her passion is developing character and faith. Homeschooling lets us live, love, and learn together and she is so very grateful.

How do you *actually* homeschool?

Confused by all the terminology? Have you ever wished to see what homeschooling looks like at someone else’s house? Here's your chance to peek into two unique homes. We'll share our goals, favorite resources, and books; even things that didn't work!  Come and find out!   

Karisa Bailey
Karisa Bailey
Deirdre Sentis
Deirdre Sentis
Anne Bennett

Anne Bennett

Anne has been on the SHBE Board since 2011 and was the first help desk coordinator, and año as president. She lives in Shaunavon with her husband, Terry Shields, and their sons, Peter (19), David (16) and Mark (13).

Saskatchewan Home Based Education Regulations – What do I need to know?

This workshop will cover the basics of the Saskatchewan Home Based Education Regulations, including registering and reporting.  You will receive copies of the forms developed by SHBE and HSLDA that you may choose to use to make registering and reporting easier.   Find out how to make this part of your homeschool responsibilities easy, effective, and quickly accomplished.  There will be lots of time to answer your individual questions.

Robyn Michon & Amanda Lai

You know that inner voice?  The one that worries, self-doubts and thinks negative thoughts?  Robyn Michon works with women who want to change that voice.  She helps women understand that their thoughts are optional and she teaches them the tools they need to feel confident and empowered.

Amanda Lai is a professional organizer.

Organizing Home and Life

Professional organizer, Amanda Lai will be giving you the knowledge you need to declutter your home and your life. Amanda will be talking about 10 questions to ask yourself when decluttering. Robyn Michon, Certified Life Coach, will help you overcome the mental blocks that you run into when decluttering and organizing your home.

Robyn Michon
Robyn Michon
Amanda Lai
Amanda Lai
Vance Nelson

Vance Nelson

Vance was born into a non-Christian household in Manitoba, Canada in 1973. At age nineteen Vance accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour, and started on a new journey to tell his old friends about the one who created them—Jesus.

Vance and his wife now have three daughters: aged eighteen years, twelve years, and nine years old.

Vance now travels all over the world doing research, writing, and speaking on the topic of the Creation and its vital importance to the Christian faith.

Urban Caves: Rethinking the Vast Ages of Caves

Come on a visual exploration of the urban landscape which throws into question the age of cave formations. How? Stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and even “cave bacon” have all been found forming on man-made structures around the world. Are these structures composed of the same compounds as genuine cave formations? As this presentation will show, the answer is, “yes.” This presentation will destroy nearly every talk you have heard on a cave tour. If you have heard how long cave formations take to form, you must see this presentation. Biblical creation chronology will be supported as presented in Genesis 1-11.

Evan and Krista Poppleton

Evan & Krista have been married for 15 years are homeschooling their 3 children. They are passionate about using money wisely and want to live out God’s design for money management. Evan works at RBC as a Financial Planner and holds the CFP and PFP designations. Krista enjoys budgeting and telling their money where to go, before they wonder where it went!

“Let’s Talk About Money, Honey!”

Won’t a budget restrict my life? How do we get out of debt (and stay out)? How can we save for post-secondary education? What scholarships or bursaries might be available for our kids? After all of this, will we EVER be able to retire? How does compound interest work? Interactive, time for Q&A.

Evan and Krista Poppleton